Activity of the department can summarized as follows

  1. Publications for an funded 15 papers  and 4 research projects was accepted and funded by KKU
  2. Participation and attendance of 19 academic staff in local (34 conference) and international (12) conference
  3. five felid trips outside the KKU were carried out to different factories ex: slob steel Co. and factory of pioneers for glass, 
  4. five seminars were done in different titles ex: Building Energy and Water Sustainability, Reverse Osmosis Desalination Module-Three Dimensional and Transient Analysis, Carbon Emission and Its Control, An Investigation of the Insertion Mechanism Influence on the Overall Behavior of the Three-Dimensional Aerospace Components
  5. In the field of community services a fourteen training course was carried out by the department  with attendance of 606 students from all the departments of the college of engineering in the first and second term as follows

Frist term

  1. Using Microsoft Excel for Mechanical Engineering Applications
  2. Technical Documentation
  3. Solid works
  4. Matlab and applications
  5. Advances in CAD Modeling
  6. Non Destructive Testing
  7. Experimental design using Taguchi method (using Minitab program)

Second term

  1. Finite Element Modeling
  2. Introduction to ANSYS
  3. Gas Turbine Engines (Components and Operation)
  4. Characterization of Metal Matrix Composite
  5. AutoCAD 2D (Level 1)
  6. Fins & Heat Exchanger
  7. Research Methodology

In the field of social activities the department participated in four activates as follows:

  1. Participation with the weekly reactive culture meeting for the student of college of engineering
  2. Participation with the ceremony of the beginning of the students activates
  3. Participation with the College football teams
  4. Participation with a reactive meeting with the new college students
  5. Completed the requirement for ABET accreditations and submission for NCAAA
  6. Four courses of mechanical department wear a awarded as Quality Matter