The College of Engineering Obtains Prestigious ABET Accreditation

The College of Engineering continues to attain remarkable achievements.  The three programs of College of Engineering (Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering) have been successfully accredited for six years (till September 30, 2023) by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EِِAC) of Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Receiving ABET accreditation provides assurance that these three programs meet the quality standards of the profession for which the programs prepare graduates. These programs will continuously improve the quality of education provided to strengthen the Bachelor degree offered by the College of Engineering for the three programs mentioned above.

According to ABET, the College of Engineering enjoys a particularly high level of institutional support which is evident in the resources provided in human services and facilities. The KKU has implemented a quality control information system which is centrally driven and managed, and used operationally at the college level. The university has a strategy focusing on achieving new strengths by the year 2030 that include a commitment to new research initiatives, introduction of further graduate programs, and attraction of high quality faculty. The curriculum of these three Engineering programs was designed to cover all their fundamentals of Engineering and provide sufficient practical knowledge to bridge the gap between university and industries. The Program strength consists in the number and variety of laboratories, and the summer training providing students with practical experience.

Finally, ABET accreditation increases educational opportunities for students and provides graduates with distinctive job opportunities in local and global companies worldwide.


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   Event:                             VISIT TO INDUSTRIES    Date:                               15.02.18 (Thursday)    No. of Students:           16 Students of Level 9, Mechanical Engineering Department    Faculty In-charge:    Dr. Vineet Tirth, Associate Professor, MED, College of Engg. KKU. Al-Ruwad glass factory, Khamis Industrial Area Al-Hasaniah tiles factory, Khamis Industrial Area    Al Ruwad glass factory is a leading glass processing factory in Asir region. Students of MED-KKU were given on-job demonstration of all processes in the plant. They have also learned about the practical aspects of factory layout, operation and maintenance issues of CNC machines and work time scheduling, apart from the safety and design considerations in glass processing.    Al-Hasaniah tiles factory is the largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles in Asir region. Students were given demonstration of following processes of the plant; the processing and mixing of raw material, casting, pressing, curing using minimum water consumption by water spray, finishing, transporting and packaging of all types of products.
Dr. Ibrahim Falki , College of Engineering Dean, honored the faculty members who finished the training courses for the five departments  students and thanked them for what they did during the first semester 1438-1439 H. The number of courses was 25 specialized courses benefiting 543 students.
Dr. Ibrahim Al-Falki,  College of Engineering Dean, King Khalid University in Abha, opened the activities of the fourth engineer's day, organized by the college, in the presence of many numbers of students and faculty members. The fourth engineering day included many activities. The most prominent of these were the Graduation Projects Exhibition, which presented the graduation projects for the students of College of Engineering in its civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical and industrial departments. The session was moderated by Dr. Mohammed Al Musfar, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ali Anqi, Head of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Saleh Al Salami, Head of Architecture and Planning, and Eng. Hadi Al-Hakami Lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering. The discussion between the speakers and the students focused on how the newly graduated engineer got a job? Where the speakers gathered on the efficiency of the Saudi graduate and his ability to compete for a job as well as the development of skills. Eng. Hussein Makhfour was a guest on the fourth engineering day in the section "Chat with an Engineer Businessman" where Dr. Ibrahim Al-Falki conducted a wide and deep dialogue between the guest engineer and students about his personal experience in entrepreneurship and the establishment of companies in the engineering sector, Hussein to introduce his work in the field of engineering consultancy and urban planning and coordination of sites in addition to the construction sector. The guest spoke frankly about the fun and hard way after graduating from work and was focusing on gaining experience rather than focusing on financial gain. Engineer Hussain stressed the need to set a goal that we seek to achieve in addition to perseverance and perseverance and build a network of public relations, which will have a big role when starting the establishment of engineering office. He talked about his successful experience in running the newly graduated Saudi engineers, especially graduates of the university. Engineer also welcomed the College to apply for the work of his group of companies, and that the applicant exceeds the conditions of their jobs. In the section "Open Encounter" where the Dean and the agents of the college and department heads receive questions, inquiries and initiatives from the students and know the challenges they face, and the interaction of students was great and beautiful, as the result of the meeting recommendations were circulated to the departments of the college. With the completion of the fourth engineering day, prizes were awarded to the winners of the competition which took place on the sidelines of the day and concluded today the fourth engineering day.
In lieu with exposure of the students to Industry practices, the Department of Civil Engineering students organized a visit to the Tameer, Abha for construction and Engineering factory for concrete production. The site visit included Introductory Lecture on current practices in concrete industry, followed by visit to concrete batching plant and in the end the students performed onsite Experiment for concrete. The organizing team consisted of Engr. Roohul Abad Khan, Engr. Mohammed Mahdy Al Mosaby, Engr. Saiful Islam and Engr. Amir Al Khammash.