Academic Developpment and Quality Unit

Dr. Tirth Ram - Vineet

Unit Head

​Office No. A/1/92

College of Engineering controls Quality Assurance (QA) activities through Vice Dean, Academic Development, and Quality. Each program has a quality committee to supervise and execute quality activities in their departments. The Vice Deanship of Academic Development and Quality plays the pivotal role in ensuring the consistency of the system and processes among all departments. The Vice Deanship will receive from QA units reports, requirements, KPIs and benchmarks for review by the concerned committees before further submission.


The QA committees aim to apply the principles and methods of continuous quality management and contribute to enhance quality in a dynamic academic context within each department. QA committees of all departments follows the same guidelines and principles regardless of whether they deliver programs accredited by NCAAA, ABET or other accrediting bodies.

Quality Assurance Organization Chart

Tasks and responsibilities of Academic Development & Quality Unit

   Apply the principles of quality assurance based on the standards of International/National Accreditation bodies’.

   Ensure that the requirements for program accreditation are fulfilled.

   Assure a systematic implementation of the curriculum or programs, best utilization of learning resources, optimal educational management, and monitor the outcomes of the academic programs.

   Ensure the implementation of a quality program in accordance with appropriate national and international accreditation standards.

   Prepare and submit applications for International/National Accreditations.

   Participate in International/National Rankings.

   Support in management of virtual Quality Assurance Portal ‘Jadeer’.

   Identify gaps in the program, curriculum, assessment, and evaluation to suggest the necessary improvement plans to QA committees.

   Ensure and enforce quality culture among all programs.

   Assist in preparation, review and approval of new curriculums and programs.

   Assist in functioning of External Advisory Boards.


   Vice Dean, Academic Development & Quality Unit (AD&QU).

   Head, AD&QU, appointed by the Dean, College of Engineering.

   Quality Coordinators, one from each Program to support the AD&QU activities at Program level.

Contact Details

   Dr. Salem Algarni, Vice Dean, Academic Development & Quality Unit

Ph:   +966 17 2418 894

Fax: +966 17 2418 152

Extn. 8894

KKU Site:

   Dr. Vineet Tirth, Head, Academic Development & Quality Unit

M: +966592118330

Extn. 7242​

   Dr. Abhilash Edacherian, Quality Coordinator, Mechanical Engineering Department

M: +966560466543

Extn. 9091

   Dr. Mohamed Hechmi Elouni, Quality Coordinator, Civil Engineering Department

M: +966542843949

Extn. 7058

   Dr. Moutaz Aldrdery, Quality Coordinator, Chemical Engineering Department

M: +966535660693

Extn. 8390

   Dr. Mohamed Abbas, Quality Coordinator, Electrical Engineering Department

M: +966568472896

Extn. 7065

   Dr. Mohamed Qureshi, Quality Coordinator, Industrial Engineering Department

M: +966534059861

Extn. 9436

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