Vision, Mission and Objectives


Providing excellence in Civil Engineering at par the international standards


Providing a distinguished education and professional skills in Civil Engineering that enable to use modern technology for societal improvement through professional and ethical practices, innovative research and community services

Program Educational Objectives

The Current Program Educational Objectives of the KKU Civil Engineering were evolved as outcomes of the program’s continuing efforts to sustain through improvement in program that fulfil the needs of our constituents.

The Program Educational Objectives of the CE Program describe what graduates are expected to attain in the years after graduation. They could:

  1. Successfully enter the civil engineering profession as practicing engineers and consultants with prominent companies and organizations.
  2. Incorporate economic, environmental, social, safety and global considerations when designing and investigating different systems.
  3. Pursue professional licensure and engage in continued learning through professional development.
  4. Pursue graduate education and research at major research universities in civil engineering.
  5. Demonstrate leadership and service within their profession and in their communities through participation in professional societies and community services.