List of Performance Indicators

  1. Stakeholders' awareness ratings of the Mission Statement and Objectives
  2. Stakeholder evaluation of the Policy Handbook, including administrative flow chart and job responsibilities
  3. Students' overall evaluation on the quality of their learning experiences
  4. Proportion of courses in which student evaluations were conducted during the year
  5. Ratio of students to teaching staff
  6. Students overall rating on the quality of their courses.
  7. Proportion of teaching staff with verified doctoral qualifications
  8. Percentage of students entering programs who successfully complete first year
  9. Proportion of students entering undergraduate programs who complete those programs in minimum time
  10. Ratio of students to administrative staff.
  11. Student evaluation of academic and career counselling. 
  12. Stakeholder evaluation of library and media center
  13. Stakeholder evaluation of the IT services
  14. Stakeholder evaluation of Websites
  15. Proportion of teaching staff leaving the institution in the past year for reasons other than age retirement
  16. Proportion of teaching staff participating in professional development activities during the past year
  17. Number of refereed publications in the previous year per full time equivalent teaching staff
  18. 2 Number of citations in refereed journals in the previous year per full time equivalent faculty members
  19. Proportion of full time member of teaching staff with at least one refereed publication during the previous year
  20. Number of papers or reports presented at academic conferences during the past year per full time equivalent faculty members
  21. Proportion of full time teaching and other staff actively engaged in community service activities