The most important achievements made during the academic year 1436-1437 can be summarized on the following:

  1. The preparation of a new academic syllabus for the undergraduate program.
  2. Application for the ABET academic accreditation.
  3. Participation of some of the Departmental staff in the 11 th Scientific Research Day organized by the Deanship of Scientific Research.
  4. The department has 6 research projects supported by the Deanship of Scientific Research
  5. Submission of number of proposal by the different Departmental staff for funding from KACST.
  6. A field visit to Al Jazeera Paints Company
  7. Meeting the faculty members of the department with chemical engineering students at the beginning of each semester to listen, exchange opinions and answer for their questions.
  8. Presenting a 3 training courses by faculty members to activate the research work in the department.
  9. Presenting 14 training courses for the department students.
  10. A joint research group was formed between the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Science in the field of catalysts.