The most important achievements made during the academic year 1438-1439 can be summarized on the following:

1. A developed program plan for the bachelor's degree has been accepted.

2. Introducing M.Sc. plan with courses and research and defining their curricula.

3. Completion of 11 graduation projects during the First and Second Term

4. Two proposed reach have been accepted by the Deanship of Scientific Research, with approximately of SR100,000, in addition to the previous six projects.

5. Participated  in the thirteenth scientific research day at King Khalid University with five scientific publications: Drs. Mohammad Arshad Khan, Atef El-Jery, Mohamed Elyas Khan, Moataz Dardiri and Engineer Abu Bakr Al Khalil.

6. Two meetings of the faculty members of the department with chemical engineering students at the beginning of each semester had been made to listen, exchange opinions and answer their questions.

7. Presented 2 lectures and training courses by faculty members to activate the research work in the department.

8. Conducted five field visits for a group of students: Water Desalination Plant, Abha Water Treatment Plant, Solb Steel Company, Al Jazeera Paints Company and Aramco Ras Tanura.

9. Presented 11 lectures and training courses for the students of the department.

10. Presented a lecture by Eng. Ismail Al-Ahmadi in the context of the openness and interaction of the department with the industrial and productive poles in the region.

11. Eleven  students have been graduated in this academic year.

12. a comprehensive test was conducted  for the number of students at levels ninth and tenth.

13. In addition to the attendance of a number of faculty members and students section for a number of courses and forums and seminars at the  college and the university  levels.