Support and strengthen the role of the University in achieving its strategic plan through balancing the educational process with the applied scientific research and community services, in addition to the development of scientific research activities in various engineering arenas by conducting seminars and workshops.


Encourage the promotion of scientific research in the College and communicate with internal and external research centers to serve the community and its needs and introduce the latest scientific and engineering achievements utilized to raise the productivity of scientific research to achieve the principle of leadership of the College of Engineering in the field of scientific research internally and externally.


  1. Conduct scientific research that contribute to solving problems and dealing positively with the challenges facing industrial enterprises.
  2. Raise the efficiency of the graduates by providing them with the necessary skills to keep pace with industrial progress and scientific development available world wide.
  3. Announcing of University funded projects and conduct their arbitration and monitor their progress.
  4. Encourage researchers to develop creative ideas through internal scientific conference organized by the College.
  5. Assist in registering staff’s patents.
  6. Hold meetings with students to discuss their creative ideas and guide them by providing scientific consultancy from specialists of different scientific Departments within the College.
  7. establish a specialized scientific library containing electronic versions of the outstanding projects of students and scientific research for faculty members.
  8. Provide technical and administrative support to researchers from faculty members.
  9. Provide scientific material and helping to provide technical advice to the researchers.
  10. Organizing scientific sessions to raise the efficiency of researchers and employees of the college.
  11. Arrange field visits to explore the latest engineering applications.
  12. Contribute to the development and evaluation of the college syllabuses.
  13. Linking the Center electronically with  similar internal and external research centers.
  14. Publication the scientific outcomes and studies of the Center in scientific journals and specialized periodicals.


Dr Abdulilah Mohammed dawud mayet

ِAssistant Professor/Electrical Engineering Department

Office No. A/1/37