Within the framework of the Faculty of Engineering's keenness and approval from the dean of the college Dr. Ibrahim Al-Falki. A group of graduates students of Chemical Engineering Department visited to Aramco in Ras Tanura on 11-13/04/2018 under the supervision of Dr. Atef El Jery and Dr. Yasser Fahmy. The aim of the visit includes  identifying advanced systems oil and gas production. This plant is one of the most important biggest plant in the region, fulfilling health and safety requirements. We were welcomed by a group of members of the Public Relations Department of Saudi Aramco. The program began on Thursday 12/04/2018 with the screening of a film about energy in Saudi Aramco under the slogan "This Saudi Aramco - Energy for the World". In a presentation given by the executive director of four oil refineries in Saudi Arabia, engineer Suleman Al Bargan, stressed the  programs of communication with the community in Saudi Arabia and indicated the role of citizenship and the company's record in communicating with the community and the environment, and also briefed the students on the stages of exploration and drilling of oil using latest technology. The oil paved the way for unprecedented events in the field of oil exploration and leading to change the world. He spoke of the flexibility that Aramco has in providing opportunities amidst the challenges in the oil and gas industry. The company has maintained its long-term integrated strategy, supporting capital efficiency sustainable investment, the development of technology, and the enhancement of human resources. The company's mission is to provide energy to the Kingdom and the world in a reliable manner, as well as to progress in its efforts to become the largest company in the world. The executive director added that the company will continue to expand its customer base in the international markets by increasing the number of customers on the one hand and expanding the geographical scope to include new countries where they had never been present. In the field of refining, processing and marketing, the company's executive director pointed out that the company's plan to integrate the refining network with the production facilities of chemicals and industrial complexes hosting the associated value has reached an advanced stage with the starting the chemical company. He also point out that work is being completed quickly to finish Jazan refinery project at an accelerated pace. He said that the Ras Tanura Refinery won the Emerson International Trust Award for Best Reliability Program as the first company in the Middle East being presented this award. The company's Traffic Safety Program received the Best Public Awareness Campaign, and the Environmental Education Program received the best responsibility initiative Social. After those, the students received a through training by engineer Imed Ghamdi composing all the stage from receiving and sorting the raw materials until the final product. And then we went  to visit  the labs for understanding. We took lunch all together in the presence of the executive director of oil refineries. The  executive director expressed his happiness by meeting us and urged students to increase their efforts and work for this country. This visit must have a positive impact for connecting the students of chemical engineering with the national industries in the country and integrating the educational process. And in the end of this visit the supervisors expressed their thanks and gratitude for the contribution of Aramco through its employees and through the accompanying engineer Imed Al-Ghamdi for the useful information and the value of strengthening the scientific approach program.
The 13th Scientific Research Day was held on Monday 16/7/1439 under the supervision of the Deanship of Scientific Research and the College of Engineering represented by the College Research Center. The beginning of the program with recitation from the Holy Quran, then the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering D. Ibrahim Falqi made a speech in which he praised the role of scientific research and its impact on the achievement of the vision of the Kingdom 2030. The 13th Research Day included two sessions. The first session was chaired by the Head of the Advisory Unit at the College of Engineering, Dr Wael Aboneama. The session comprises of 5 speakers from the Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering departments. The second session was chaired by the Undersecretary of the Faculty of Engineering for Quality Dr Ali Issa Mohammed Anqi Supervisor of the Scientific Journals Unit at the University. It included five papers from the departments of Civil and Mechanical Engineering. The Director of the Research Center of the College, Dr. Ihab Mohamed Taha Shigidi closed the event of the day by thanking to the Deanship of Scientific Research and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, wishing all the best.
Program Schedule Time Title Speaker Department 8:30 to 9:00 Registration 9:00 to 9:15 Welcoming Speech, College of Engineering Dean’s 9:15 to 9:30 Dr Salem Algarni The Environmental Impact of Fluoride Emissions from Aluminum smelter at Jazan Economic City (JEC), Baish, Saudi Arabia on the surrounding Ecosystem Muhammad Arshad ChE 9:30 to 9:45 Design of a Smart Guyed Mast to Mitigate Earthquakes Mohamed Hechmi ELOUNI CE 9:45 to 10:00 Effect of Liquid Forging Process Parameters on Properties of Cast Metals and Alloys Vineet Tirth ME 10:00 to 10:15 Green Siliceous Concrete Materials for Sustainability using an Integrated MCDM Approach Mohd. Ahmed CE 10:15 to 10:30 Universal Fuzzy Logic Controller and application of Genetic Algorithm for tuning of scaling factor for real-life dynamic systems Mohammad Fazle Azeem EE 10:30 to 10:45 Coffee Break 10:45 to 11:00 Dr Ali Anqi Evaluating the Precipitation-Topography Relationship and Precipitation Gradient Using Non-Stationary Modelling Technique in Aseer Region, Saudi Arabia Javed Mallick CE 11:00 to 11:15 Computationally Efficient Equalization Techniques for High Mobility OFDMA Uplink Systems Thafasal Ijyas V. P. EE 11:15 to 11:30 Fracture Characteristics And Size Dependent Effects Of Fibre Concrete Composites Sivakumar Anandan   CE 11:30 to 11:45 Investigation on the influence of errors on the chatter vibrations during Drilling operation Amir Kessentini   ME 11:45 to 12:00 Impact of Hazardous Wastes on Human Health & Preventive Measures for a Sustainable Environment Mohd Abul Hassan CE 12:00 to 12:15 Closure 1:30 Lunch
Visit of Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. Ali Mohammed Al Khuzaim, Dr. Fawzi Al Askari, Dr. Ibrahim Al Sisi, To discuss areas of joint cooperation and honoring the members of the Advisory Committee at the College of Engineering from the Technical College Engineer Salem Saleh Al-Ghamdi and Engineer Ibrahim Mohammed Mervat.
University Rector, Dr. Faleh Al-Solamy, concluded the Fourth Annual Olympic Games, which were held by the Deanship of Student Affairs, represented by the Sports Activities Department. The College of Engineering was handed the Olympic Cup for the football championship and the shield and flag for the Fourth Sports Olympic Games after narrowly defeating the Faculty of Pharmacy in a penalty shoot-out in the presence of many senior leadership figures and crowds of supporting students. During the closing ceremony, event and tournament winners received awards and certificates. The Faculty of Engineering came in first place in the football league and secured the Fourth Olympic Sports Shield flag and championship cup.
The training course took place in a very comfortable conditions and the students who were present with great enthusiasm and interest followed "Introduction to Rock Mechanics", which is considered as an important part of geotechnical field. The audience was more than expected. The attendees have discovered another discipline, which differs completely from Soil Mechanics. It is focused on the discontinuities rather than on the rock matrix, and is based on the theory of discontinua and that of the blocks, which confer the Rock Mechanics its main originality. The rock mass classification system has also attracted their attention since the philosophy and the principle are unique and fare from those of Soil Mechanics.
Within the framework of the Faculty of Engineering's keenness on the importance of visits and within the framework of the program, field visits for each semester, a group of students from the Department of Chemical Engineering visited the Al-Jazeera Paints Company in Khamis on Monday 12/3/2018, and was accompanied by a faculty number  Dr. Atef Mohammed El Jery. The aim of this visit is to identify advanced systems in addition to the approved stages for the production of paints of various types. This plant is one of the most important factories in the region, which respects health and safety requirements. The production line is based on automatic production technology and the production value is 400 million tons/year of all kinds of paints. The basic processes through during the receiving and sorting stages of the raw material were explained until the final product was presented by Eng. Yahya Al Shahrani and then he took the students to see these processes on the ground and to stand at every part of the production stages and explain them. This visit has had a positive impact, because  of linking those the chemical engineering students by the manufacture of paints in the country and integration in the educational process. At the end of the visit, Dr. Atef El Jery expressed his thanks and gratitude to Eng. Ismail Al-Ahmari, Director of Al-Jazeera Paints Academy for his good reception. He also thanked Engineer Yahya Al Shahrani for useful and valuable information which enabled him to promote the new scientific approach.
Within the framework of fruitful cooperation between the Faculty of Engineering and Community Institutions, the students of the graduation project under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Said Abdel Hafez Zedan, the sewage purification and treatment plant in Abha city on Tuesday, 6-3-2018. The students were received by the station's officials and the director of the station. The students and the project supervisor were accompanied to the meeting hall at the station. One of the engineers of the station presented a PowerPoint presentation and explained the components of the station and the water treatment methods used in the station. A team of station engineers brought the students to visit the station sections and provide an explanation to the students. The students went with the engineers of the station to visit the pumping station, which is about 2 km away from the treatment station. During the visit, they got to know all the details of the pumping station, as well as the site of the transformer unit and the generator unit serving the station. At the end of the visit, the students expressed their happiness with the visit and the scientific benefit of the visit.
At the launching ceremony of the Saudi Resources Network for Open Educational Resources (Shams), which was sponsored by His Excellency the Minister of Education, Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Issa, and organized by the National Center for e-Learning (NCeL) at the Ministry of Education, King Khalid University received five awards in numerous categories at the level of national universities. His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy expressed his profound contentment with the university's achievement of a number of excellence awards in the field of e-learning. The Vice Dean for Academic and Educational Affairs, Dr. Saad Al-Dajjam, commented that these awards are the result of the continuous work and cooperation between the Deanship of e-Learning and the rest of the university faculties in enriching electronic content. On the individual level, Dr. Amir Mohammed Kessentini, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, received the Excellence Award in e-Learning for national universities in the production category. Dr. Halima Al-Saidi from the Faculty of Science also won the Excellence Award in e-Learning in the same category. On this occasion, the Dean of e-Learning, Dr. Fahad bin Abdullah Al-Ahmari, congratulated the Rector and all of the university's employees on this achievement. He emphasized that these achievements are deeply rooted in teamwork and advanced technical capabilities with a drive to succeed. The e-Learning Excellence Award in its current edition is dedicated to the National Open Learning Content Program, which is supervised by the NCeL. The participation of educational institutions from universities and education departments has resulted in providing more than 80,000 educational resources currently available on Shams. This award aims to spread the culture of excellence in e-learning and to improve it; most prominently, in relation to open educational resources. The award included three branches: the first was the Excellence Award in e-Learning for Educational Institutions; the second was the Excellence Award in e-Learning for Shams Representatives; and the third was the Excellence Award in e-Learning for Governmental, Private, and Volunteer Institutions.
The Department of Civil Engineering held Advisory Board meeting for discussing the proposed New Curriculum and Accreditation concerns. The External Board members were presented the New Curriculum to obtain their feedback. The major concerns of the industry regarding the graduates of Civil Engineering were also discussed and noted. The meeting was held on 08/02/2018 in New Campus King Khalid University. The team members representing the Department of Civil Engineering comprised of Dr. Nabil Ben Kahla (Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering), Dr. Javed Mallick, Dr Sivakumar Anandan, Dr. Ram Karan Singh, Dr. Mohamed Hechmi El Ouni and Engr. Roohul Abad Khan.
Within the framework of the Faculty of Engineering's keenness on the importance of visits, and within the framework of the visit's program for each semester, a group of students, from the chemical engineering department, was visit the Solb Steel society in Jazan on Tuesday 14/02/2018, and was accompanied by a faculty numbers  Dr. Atef Mohammed El Jery and Dr. Mohammed Arshad Nader Khan. The aim of this visit is to identify advanced systems in addition to the approved stages for the production of steel and iron. This plant is one of the most important factories in the region, which respects the health and the safety requirements. The production line was based on electro-shock technology.  and the production value is one million tons per year of coils and iron bars. The basic processes during the receiving and sorting stages of the raw materials were explained until the final product was presented by engineer Abdul Aziz Al Quraishi. then he took the students to see these processes on the ground and stand at every part of the production stages and explain them. This visit has had a positive impact, because of linking those the student to the national industries. Finally, the visiting doctors expressed their thanks and gratitude for the useful information provided by the engineer, which enhances the scientific method.
In Continuity with the practice of providing industry experience to our students, the Department of Civil Engineering organized a seminar on ‘”The Master Planning and Infrastructure of King Abdullah New District, Jizan,” The Seminar was delivered by Dr. Nemer A. Salameh, Project Executive Manager, Zuhair Fayez Partnership-Consultants on February, 20-2018 in Room A/1/249. The Seminar was attended by the students of Civil Engineering along with faculty members. The student got an exposure to real life industry experience.
In lieu with providing the students with current Industry practices, the Department of Civil Engineering organized a Seminar on Non-Destructive Testing in Civil Engineering. The invited Speaker Dr. Hashem Al Mattarreh delivered the lecture on February, 7 2018. The Lecture covered the topics on Nondestructive testing of materials using X-ray, Magnetic waves, Ultrasonic waves and thermal radiation along with their application in field of Civil Engineering. The students taking the courses of Properties and Testing of Material and Properties and Testing of Concrete attended the Seminar along with other faculty members in College of Engineering.
   Event:                             VISIT TO INDUSTRIES    Date:                               15.02.18 (Thursday)    No. of Students:           16 Students of Level 9, Mechanical Engineering Department    Faculty In-charge:    Dr. Vineet Tirth, Associate Professor, MED, College of Engg. KKU. Al-Ruwad glass factory, Khamis Industrial Area Al-Hasaniah tiles factory, Khamis Industrial Area    Al Ruwad glass factory is a leading glass processing factory in Asir region. Students of MED-KKU were given on-job demonstration of all processes in the plant. They have also learned about the practical aspects of factory layout, operation and maintenance issues of CNC machines and work time scheduling, apart from the safety and design considerations in glass processing.    Al-Hasaniah tiles factory is the largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles in Asir region. Students were given demonstration of following processes of the plant; the processing and mixing of raw material, casting, pressing, curing using minimum water consumption by water spray, finishing, transporting and packaging of all types of products.
Dr. Ibrahim Falki , College of Engineering Dean, honored the faculty members who finished the training courses for the five departments  students and thanked them for what they did during the first semester 1438-1439 H. The number of courses was 25 specialized courses benefiting 543 students.
Dr. Ibrahim Al-Falki,  College of Engineering Dean, King Khalid University in Abha, opened the activities of the fourth engineer's day, organized by the college, in the presence of many numbers of students and faculty members. The fourth engineering day included many activities. The most prominent of these were the Graduation Projects Exhibition, which presented the graduation projects for the students of College of Engineering in its civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical and industrial departments. The session was moderated by Dr. Mohammed Al Musfar, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ali Anqi, Head of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Saleh Al Salami, Head of Architecture and Planning, and Eng. Hadi Al-Hakami Lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering. The discussion between the speakers and the students focused on how the newly graduated engineer got a job? Where the speakers gathered on the efficiency of the Saudi graduate and his ability to compete for a job as well as the development of skills. Eng. Hussein Makhfour was a guest on the fourth engineering day in the section "Chat with an Engineer Businessman" where Dr. Ibrahim Al-Falki conducted a wide and deep dialogue between the guest engineer and students about his personal experience in entrepreneurship and the establishment of companies in the engineering sector, Hussein to introduce his work in the field of engineering consultancy and urban planning and coordination of sites in addition to the construction sector. The guest spoke frankly about the fun and hard way after graduating from work and was focusing on gaining experience rather than focusing on financial gain. Engineer Hussain stressed the need to set a goal that we seek to achieve in addition to perseverance and perseverance and build a network of public relations, which will have a big role when starting the establishment of engineering office. He talked about his successful experience in running the newly graduated Saudi engineers, especially graduates of the university. Engineer also welcomed the College to apply for the work of his group of companies, and that the applicant exceeds the conditions of their jobs. In the section "Open Encounter" where the Dean and the agents of the college and department heads receive questions, inquiries and initiatives from the students and know the challenges they face, and the interaction of students was great and beautiful, as the result of the meeting recommendations were circulated to the departments of the college. With the completion of the fourth engineering day, prizes were awarded to the winners of the competition which took place on the sidelines of the day and concluded today the fourth engineering day.
In lieu with exposure of the students to Industry practices, the Department of Civil Engineering students organized a visit to the Tameer, Abha for construction and Engineering factory for concrete production. The site visit included Introductory Lecture on current practices in concrete industry, followed by visit to concrete batching plant and in the end the students performed onsite Experiment for concrete. The organizing team consisted of Engr. Roohul Abad Khan, Engr. Mohammed Mahdy Al Mosaby, Engr. Saiful Islam and Engr. Amir Al Khammash. 
The Department of Chemical Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering - King Khalid University organized a scientific visit to Shuqaiq Desalination Plant on 7/12/2017, and was accompanied by a number of faculty members, Dr. Modather Hassan, Dr. Moataz Mustafa and Dr. Atef El Jery, the coordinator of visits. Where a team of project engineers provided a detailed explanation of the station and its mode of operation. During the visit, the various parts of the desalination plant were identified, how they worked and linked to what the student was learning in the school. The students' interest was noticed through their inquiries and how to benefit from applying the science and innovative methods they are learning to increase the competencies of the stations. At the end of the visit, the accompanying doctors expressed their thanks and gratitude to the engineers who are supervising the station for useful and valuable information that promotes the scientific method and the integration of the educational process.
Mechanics vs faculty members: 1-0 Electrical vs Industrial: 4-2