Program Strategy

Program Mission

To prepare qualified mechanical engineers who are able to develop, innovate and compete in their professions, besides involving in the scientific research and the community services.

Program Goals

  1. Improving teaching-learning process to produce competent graduates of internationally acceptable level with competitive technical knowledge, skills and aptitude.
  2. Providing hands on training and expertise to students on latest technologies/software by providing the state of art learning resources for their continuous personal and professional developments.
  3. Instilling the skill of research and developments in the students by linking the issues related to the industries and the community.
  4. Maintaining the continuous interaction with the industries and community to enable the students to serve them for the sustainable developments.

Program Objectives

  1. To prepare graduates with high quality education to be creative, distinctive, and capable of running the industrial establishments.
  2. To prepare graduates to pursue their personal skills and professional developments through continuous learning.
  3. To prepare graduates to apply their academics and conduct research in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
  4. To prepare graduates to effectively participate in the sustainable development of the community.