Admission and Graduation Requirements

Admission Requirements:

The University Council determines the number of students to be admitted for an academic year based on the recommendations presented by the College Councils and the respective departments at the college. The general evaluation procedures for new freshman and internal transfer students are described below.

For admission to the University, the student must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. The applicant should have high school certificate or an equivalent certificate (with a minimum GPA of 2.5 out 5) from inside or outside Saudi Arabia.
  2. The applicant should have obtained the secondary school certificate, or its equivalent, in a period of less than five years prior to his application. However, the University Council may waive this condition if the applicant has a persuasive explanation.
  3. Score of “Entrance Examination” which resides of an aptitude test, and a subject test. The test is conducted by the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has two sections. The first section is General Aptitude Test (QIYAS). This test measures a student's analytical and deductive skills. It focuses on testing the student's capacity for learning in general regardless of any specific skill in a certain subject or topic. The other section is called “Achievement test for Science Colleges (TEHSILI)”. This section covers the general and key concepts in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and English covered in the courses of General Secondary School.
  4. The applicant should have a certificate of good conduct.
  5. The applicant should successfully pass any examinations or interviews deemed necessary by the University Council.
  6. The applicant must be medically fit.
  7. The applicant must obtain the approval of his employer, if he is an employee in any government or private institution.
  8. The applicant must satisfy any other requirements specified by the University Council at the time of application.
  9. Selection from among applicants, who satisfy all the admission requirements, is based on their grades in secondary school examinations, as well as the results of the interviews and the admission examinations, if any.

All the above conditions are considered for admission fulfilling by the applicants. The Deanship of Admissions and Registration prepare a merit list of all applicants based on the following weights to the three types of scores:

  1. High school certificate score (30%)
  2. Aptitude test score (30%).
  3. Achievement test score (40%).

Applicants are offered admissions in a college of their preferences based on merit list subject to the availability of seats. Once seats are filled in a particular college, the admission to that particular college is closed and remaining students have to make their choices from other colleges. All freshly admitted students to the College of Engineering seeking acceptance to the Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering program with major objectives:

  • To improve the students' English language proficiency, this is the principal language of instruction in college of engineering.
  • To ensure the students’ abilities to communicate effectively
  • To strengthen the students’ knowledge in mathematical and analytical techniques, and calculus-based physics.

To develop computer skills of the students.

Graduation Requirements

Student graduates after successfully completing all graduation requirements as given below, according to the degree plan, provided that his cumulative GPA is not less than pass. If the student has passed the required courses but his cumulative GPA is low, the College Council, on the basis of the recommendations of the council of the department concerned, is entitled to specify the appropriate courses that the student must complete in order to improve his GPA.

Student who gets (incomplete (IC)) or this who is allowed to have an alternative test in one course or more in his last level of his program, a single request should be send to complete his requirements of graduations. This semester will be his graduation semester. Following are the graduation requirements of a student in mechanical engineering program.

  • Student must satisfy total 161 credit hours.
  • Student must have completed senior design project.
  • Student must have completed summer training.
  • Student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2 .00 out of 5.

To receive First honours degree and second honours degree, the student should achieve a cumulative GPA of 4.75- 5.00 and 4.25-4.74 respectively. The rules of honours degree are as follows:

  • Student must not have failed in any course in this university as well as in other university.
  • Student must have satisfied graduation requirements within duration ranging between minimum and maximum limits of completing program study.
  • Student must have completed 60% or more of the graduation requirements at the university from which he graduates.

The student will be dismissed if he obtains maximum of three consecutive academic probations as the result of his cumulative GPA being less than 2.00 (out of 5). In order to avoid dismissal, maximum 12 academic semesters are given for a student to achieve the required credit hours and GPA.