Electrical Engineering Program

Program Description

The Electrical Engineering Department is one of six different departments in the College of Engineering in King Khalid University. The Electrical Engineering Department offers a single major track program “Bachelor in Electrical Engineering". The program approved by the authorized body (by MoE) via. MoHE/9683 on 05/08/1426. The program duration is five years divided into ten levels (semesters). The first and second levels are considered as preparatory year program prior to core academics in the department.

The program was established to satisfy several significant targets like; servicing the industrial community on a scientific basic, transfer electrical engineering knowledge for local population, qualifying students for research in electrical engineering area, and qualifying electrical engineers in Electrical Power and Machines, Communications, Computer and Control areas.

Electrical Engineering Program Study Plan for the Academic year 1439-1440 and after

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Electrical Engineering Program Plan & Course Description

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