Program Strategy

Program vision

Achieve leadership in the field of Electrical Engineering with a high-quality education, instill professional skills and contribute through scientific research for the sustainable development of the community.

Program Mission

To endow high quality education and prepare electrical engineers who are competent to use modern technology effectively for carrying out innovative research and engage in community services.

Program Objectives

The PEOs of the Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Program which are to be professionally accomplished so that our graduates will be able to:

  1. Prepare graduates to apply their understanding of science and technology for solving the problems arising in their career path, especially in the field of electrical engineering or related areas and make them capable of functioning effectively in an interdisciplinary environment.
  2. Prepare graduates to pursue advanced studies, conduct scientific research and engage in lifelong learning in electrical engineering and allied fields.
  3. Make the graduates to practice technical standards and communicate their ideas clearly and precisely, both orally and in writing.
  4. Prepare graduates to contribute for the sustainable development of the community through their technical expertise and skills while maintaining professional ethical conduct.

Program Tree