Registration unit

Dr. Amir Ibrahim Arabi


Office No: A/1/93


Effective and efficient work as well as to continue to develop services rendered to students and faculty members. Moreover, continuously providing quality services.


The Registration Unit seeks to organize registration processes for the students and follows up their educational affairs from the moment of their admission until their graduation. The Unit emphasizes compliance with the KKU applicable regulations.

Core Functions

Core Functions of the Registration Unit:

·         Provides the highest quality services to students, faculty, staff in a professional manner.

·         Effectively communicate with Deanship of Admission and Registration about academic policies, rules and regulations.

·         Develops and implements policies and procedures to assure the integrity, security, and preservation of each student's official academic record.

·         Awareness the students about academic regulations, rules to complete registration and giving academic advising.

·         Completion of student registration process electronically through the registration system.

·         Assist the students by providing documents needed.

·         Schedule the  classrooms, Laboratories, computer labs and the workshops for all courses.

·         Scheduling and organizing final examinations and the distribution of students to the exam rooms.  

·         Assist the course demand analysis by providing academic data.

·         Organizing and distributing students to academic supervisors for all departments.

Computerizing all tasks related to registration.