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AbdulAziz Naeh

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Hatem Al-Ahmari

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Abdullah Salim

ID: 434800869

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Ahmad Chargui

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Abdulmajeed Al Zahrani

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Cell: 0533157983


1. To establish an archive and a database of projects submitted by all departments with both, hard and soft copy for each project, classified by department and specialization, which allow students to refer to it as an achieved projects library.  

2. To establish an electronic gallery that includes Project Title, brief abstract  about what has been accomplished, pictures and drawings of the project , through a classification by semester, department and specialization, as well as studying the possibility of establishing a gallery reserved for the display the final products of  scientific projects.

3. To urge faculty staff members and students to participate with their projects in Scientific Conference for Students of Higher Education, and supervise all the steps of submission.

4. To propose an appropriate and suitable procedure to select the best projects submitted and organize a ceremony at the end of each semester to honor supervisors and students.

5.  To supervise budget allocation assigned by the university  for spending on graduation projects and propose the appropriate procedure of projects sponsoring to be discussed with the Dean.

6. To take care of talented students from the faculty and  provide all scientific and financial supports needed, refine their talents and honor  them by cooperation with Talent and creativity center at the university and provide necessary support to participate in competitions at all levels