Assessment and Analysis Unit

Dr. Basem Al Alwan

Office Location: A/1/99

Phone Ext.: 9750

Unit Vision:

The unit of assessment and analysis at the Engineering college seeks to develop and implement a comprehensive and integrated system, to assess and analyze its educational system and its academic outputs in accordance with objective and contemporary mechanisms in line with the University's vision of leadership and excellence at the local, regional, and global levels.

Unit Message:

To assess and analyze the inputs, processes, and outputs of the educational system of the Engineering College in a scientific way, and continuously develop it to achieve excellence in the quality of teaching and learning.​

Unit Goal:

The main objective is to activate the roles of assessment and analysis, and develop the practices that govern these roles in order to identify the level of students scientifically. Also, to solve the problems and the scientific underperformance; and then improve the current performance and draw future plans for the development of the educational system.​

Unit Values:

  • Transparency and integrity.
  • Visibility.
  • Responsibility.
  • Professionalism.
  • Mastering and excellence.

Unit Missions:

  • Prepare the necessary assessment tools for the process of analysis and supervision to use them for the development of the educational system and address the weaknesses.
  • Analyze data and information to provide feedback to faculty members and departmental coordinators to discuss the development of student evaluation methods.
  • Investigate the educational process to find the negative points and future obstacles.
  • Measuring the extent to which tests are achieved for educational outputs.
  • Provide the center of measurements and evaluation with the reports that illustrate all the difficulties and problems, and how to solve them.

Annual Report 1439