Mission, Vision, Goals, and Learning Outcomes

Program Vision

To enable the graduates to provide internationally-acclaimed leadership and excellence in academics, research and industrial development related to electrical engineering in the kingdom.

Program Mission

To develop professional competence and the right skills in electrical engineering graduates to conduct research in their respective specialization, thereby contributing to the scientific community and serve the kingdom. 

Program Goals

The goals of the program are:

  1. To be considered as one of the top electrical departments in engineering college in graduate studies in the Kingdom.
  2. To be recognized as a premier research university in electrical engineering.
  3. To recruit, retain and enable a diverse community of exceptional faculty, students, and staff.
  4. To educate future leaders who are the most sought-after engineering graduates in the world.
  5. To establish and maintain state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure in supporting the achievement of the college’s vision, mission, and values.

Program Educational Objectives

The above goals are achieved through the program educational objectives (PEOs), which are listed below:

PEO1: To equip the graduates in applying their knowledge of electrical engineering for fostering technical and professional skills.

PEO2: Make the graduates function effectively in the complex modern work environment with the ability to assume professional leadership roles as part of a team and to develop solutions to electrical engineering problems.

PEO3: Prepare graduates to have a productive career in many diverse fields of electrical engineering with the capacity of self-learning and to conduct research and improve their expertise by participating in professional programs and conferences.

PEO4: Prepare graduates for contributing to the sustainable development of the community through their technical expertise and skills while maintaining professional ethics and moral values.


The Graduates Attributes of MSc in Electrical Engineering Program are:

GA-1: Scholarship of Knowledge

GA-2: Problem Solving

GA-3: Critical Thinking

GA-4: Usage of Modern Tools

GA-5: Design /development of solutions

GA-6: Communication

GA-7: Ethical Practices and Social Responsibility

GA-8: Independent and Reflective Learning

GA-9: Investigation/research Skill

GA-10: Life-long Learning