Program Strategy

Program Mission

The Chemical Engineering Department is committed to provide highly qualified chemical engineers, who could conduct innovative research and provide services to the profession and the society through technical knowledge.

Program Goals

Prepare a chemical engineer competitor of a professional level and high cognitive meets the needs of society and the labour market

Work program consistently comply with local and global evolution updated.

Program Objectives

  1. Graduates will apply their knowledge and skills to succeed in the engineering career
  2. Graduates will be able to communicate and work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams
  3. Graduates will function ethically and responsibly and will remain involved as full participant in the profession and society
  4. Graduates will be able to pursue and successfully complete advanced studies and embark on  lifelong learning for  personal and professional  growth
  5. Graduates will enhance the economic well being of (KSA & World ) through combination of technical knowledge, expertise, managerial skills and entrepreneurship