First Scientific Seminar for Engineering College organized by Electrical Engineering Department, 1441 H


First Scientific Seminar for Engineering College organized by the Electrical Engineering Department, 1441 H

A Seminar titled “Automated detection of oral pre-cancerous lesions using deep learning for early diagnosis of oral cavity cancer” was hosted by Dr. Mohammed Zubair Shamim from the Electrical Engineering Department for the College of Engineering on Wednesday 2/10/2019. The seminar was attended by all Chairman’s, faculty members, and students from engineering college. The presentation focused on the diagnosis of different types of benign and malignant oral cavity cancer using Artificial Intelligence (AI) through Deep Learning. At the end of presentation during the Q&A session, most of the faculty members placed queries which added to the main goal of the seminar i.e., the Teaching-Learning Process. Finally, all the chairman’s and faculty members praised Dr. Zubair for his contribution and efforts in making the seminar fruitful.




  The participation of the students of the College of Engineering  in a skill development course: The Skills of team management The skill club of King Khalid University presented a course on how to manage a team effectively. The course focused on how to build teams and identify the characters and patterns and the distribution of appropriate tasks for each team member and natural ways to motivate them. .  
  Scientific Visit for Mechanical Engineering Department’s Students to the Shoqaik Steam Power Generation Plant In the practical application framework of the theoretical study, the students of Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, King Khalid University attended a scientific visit to the Shoqaik Steam Power Generation Plant under the supervision of Dr./ Baiumy El-Assal and Eng./ Waleed Saeed. The visit was very useful for the students, where they had seen most of the parts that they learned in the Power Plants course. In the start of the visit Eng./ Ahmed Al Qarawi (Manager of Technical Support) held a meeting with the students, explained some important information about the plant and gave them some advice about how to take the advantage of their time before and after graduation. Also, he explained the model of the whole plant in detail. Then, Students were accompanied by engineer/ Abdelaziz Aal Saleh (Chairman of Planning and Materials Department) on a tour in the station. He introduced a detailed explanation of all the station components from the beginning of the water intake from the sea and the various stages of water purification processes. A Brief Explanation for the water pumps and their types and the RO desalination units, that has had an effective impact on the gained information for students. Students also watched all the Power Plant components of boilers, fuel systems, burners, and turbines. At the end of the visit Eng. Khalid Bani Sarh (Manager of the Plant) held a meeting with the students where he welcomed them, thanked them for the visit and talked about the importance of linking education to industry and then presented them with souvenirs from the station.    
   Scientific Visit to Wastewater Purification and Treatment Station   A group of students from the Department of Chemical Engineering visited the Abha wastewater purification and treatment station on Tuesday, 05/11/2019. Within the framework of the program, field visits are conducted for each semester under the supervision of Dr. Arshad khan. The purpose of this visit is to identify the existing sewage systems as well as the stages of wastewater treatment and the components of the treatment station. The wastewater treatment and purification station in Abha, the central station, has been operating for more than 30 years, in accordance with the 40000 m3 wastewater treatment system. This station operates a tertiary treatment system that allows safe irrigation for palm trees. These waters are analyzed on a daily basis. The results of these analyses show the safety of the treated wastewater that flows to Wadi Bisha. The basic operations of the wastewater are explained until they are processed, first by using a special panel composing the station components with engineering drawings. After, we visit the site and monitors all the stages of the treatment, and these by explaining the physical therapy to biological treatment and to pumping treated water into drainage channels outside the station. Then, Engineer Abdel Mohsen Sayed present new created environmental laboratory and the water analysis can be realized. At the end of the visit, and by the accompanying doctor, Chemical Engineering Department expressed their thanks and gratitude to the engineers who are supervising the station for useful and valuable information that promotes the scientific method and the integration of the educational process.    
  The Engineering College visit of Junior students from  Saeed bin Jubair School    A group of junior students from Saeed bin Jubair School visited the engineering college in King Khalid University    under the patronage of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Ibrahim Idris Falqi and under the supervision of the coordinator of the field visits to the Department of Chemical Engineering, Dr. Atef El-Jery and the President of the Engineering Club Walid Al-Muhajri. The purpose of this visit was to get acquainted with the Engineering college facilitating the junior students to discover the world of the senior engineering students. The visit  included the following: Attendees were received in the conference room of the Faculty of Engineering (145). A welcome speech was presented by Dr. Atef El-Jery and Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz Sayed. Dr. Mohammed Abdul Aziz Sayed (Mechanical Engineering Department) and Dr. Atef El-Jery (Chemical Engineering Department) gave a full explanation about the departments of the College of Engineering. The junior students also asked their queries to the doctors including a question about how to enroll in the college and the number of years of study and the skills required for the successful completion of engineering studies. The junior students explored the college laboratories and workshops and classrooms.  The students and the accompanying professor commended them for the modern equipment they have seen in the college and for their warm welcome.    
  The College of Engineering at King Khalid University achieved 4th and 501st place at the national and international level by the World University Ranking 2020. The College of Engineering continues to achieve much success including its new success to find a fourth place at the national level and the 501st position at the global level according to academic rankings in the Kingdom. These national and international rankings are of great importance to the faculty and for its students. Moreover, it represents an important indicator compared with the performance of other national and international universities. Several important criteria were measured including the quality of teaching and learning, scientific research, community service, undergraduate course syllabus, maintaining an international standard, etc. The Faculty of Engineering strives hard to develop the collaborative work system in accordance with international standards. Which is improving our academic research quality, knowledge base. This way the institutional and academic reputation has been increasing at international forums. The College of Engineering's achievements will make it an excellent center for research and education. We thank the Rector and all staff from senior management who supported the college tremendously.