Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Laboratory

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Laboratory provides students with many challenging hands-on experiences such as manufacturing design and control. It is the state-of-the-art laboratory consisting of various equipment classes including material processing class - CNC machine centers(mill and lathe), material handling class-industrial robots, material transportation class, conveyor system, and material inspection class, vision based system.



Human Factors Laboratory

Human factors laboratory is a state of the art undergraduate laboratory, for understanding, designing products and systems to match the abilities, needs, and limitations of people in order to improve productivity, safety, performance, and user happiness. The laboratory focuses on cognitive, ergonomics and environmental aspects of human factors and its influence on productivity and quality. The equipments in the lab comprise of anthropometer, hand strength evaluation kit, voluntary static lifting etc.

Work Study Laboratory

Students explore through experiments, systematic examination of the methods of carrying on activities so as to improve  the effective use of resources and to set up standards of performance for activities being carried out in work study lab. Students learn method study, time study, motion study and work measurements through various experiments. Some of the experiments performed at this lab are finger dexterity test, pegboard, two hand coordination, eye-hand coordination etc.

Metrology Laboratory

​Measurements have been carried out by humans for as long as civilization has existed. The Metrology laboratory provides the students with an active learning environment for the measurement technologies used in production engineering field.  Students use the laboratory to collect and analyze measurement data, evaluate measurement methodologies, and learn the capabilities and limitations of measurement technologies. The equipments of metrology are profile projector, calipers, dial gauges, micrometers, ring gauges, combination set, sine bar etc.

Statistics Laboratory

The Statistical Laboratory is an explorative and interactive lab designed both to support education in statistics and provide a tool for the simulation and solution of statistical problems. The laboratory encompasses various software to assist the students in understanding statistical and probability analysis of real world problems.

Simulation Laboratory

The objective of Simulation laboratory is to assist students in understanding the simulation of industrial problems by programming using Arena. The students simulate the real world problems and find answer to optimality. They get hands on experience on Arena.

Operations Research Laboratory

The OR lab serves as Centre for teaching as well as for basic and applied research in the fields such as optimization, stochastic models, manufacturing logistics and service operations. The OR laboratory involves the construction of mathematical models of the particular organization under investigation.