Important: Summer training Course for students of all departments


Summer training Course for students of all departments of College of Engineering

Please note that the starting date of the summer training for students of the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth levels was determined in all departments of the college on 25/5/1439 H for two weeks, and through the request for nomination or form an opportunity for summer training through the coordinators of the training unit and graduates in departments, and requests are received to the coordinators from 16/6/1439 H until 2/7/1439 H, provided that the official letters addressed by College to the training companies on 23/7/1439 H to 3/8/1439 H.

  Summer training course description

  Declaration and commitment

Students interested in summer training 1438H - 1439H.

- Opportunity form for training stamped by training

  •    a candidate form for training in the desired direction (by the student)

- Academic registration

- Student Plan

- A form of commitment to summer training conditions

  Students should review the coordinators and the training unit in the departments.