Next days: Lectures and visits

Next days: Lectures and visits

The following day there was a lecture session at Purdue University and it was within the first two weeks which is:

  • Intensive English lectures for two weeks
  • Lecture "problem solving" for a week
  • Discuss the final draft of the English language courses
  • At the end of the week, a dinner was organized by the training officer (Ronda) during which the activities and competitions between the different disciplines were organized.

Among the visits made by students are:

  • Visit the factory "Dallara"
  • Visit the Indianapolis Museum
  • Go shopping and visit the city
  • Visit the Indiana team "INDY ELEVEN" and get off the pitch for memorial photos

In the second week, the students had a course "Rapid Prototyping" which is a workshop lab related to laser printers and printing on metals and wood.

The second weekend included a cooking course in which most students participated.