Workshop: Arc Hydro, GIS for Water Resources Management


​    ​Day: 28/3/2018, from 13:00 pm to 17:00 pm

​    ​College of Engineering, Room no ا/1/38 (GIS lab).

​    ​Restricted to 25 Students of Civil Engineering Department

​    ​Registration via:

​    ​Presented by

Dr. Javed Mallick (Associate Professor)

Workshop: Application of Phase Change Materials (PCMs)


Trainer: Dr Ahamed Saleel, Mechanical Engineering Department

Targeted Students: Level 7 and UP

Date: 20/01/2017 (10/10/2017).

Time: 3 P.M. to 6 P.M, Room No: 145

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Topics to be covered:

  1. Introduction to Phase Change Materials
  2. Classification
  3. Applications:
  • Ice storage
  • Conservation and transport of temperature sensitive materials
  • Building applications
  • PCM tanks vs. water tanks
  • Automobile applications