Engineer's Day Showcases 36 Projects

The College of Engineering's Alumni Training Unit celebrated the Engineer's Day on the 26th of Rabīʿ Al-Awwal. The program was designed to encourage and support current engineering students and alumni to pursue technical design and development careers. College of Engineering Dean, Dr. Ibrahim Idris Al-Falqi, opened the ceremony in the presence of the director of the Creative Talent and Entrepreneurship Center, a large number of faculty members, staff, students, and other entities in the university.

Saudi Electric Company's Southern Sector Facilities Management Director, Eng. Sayyaf bin Saeed Al-Shahrani, lead a discussion session immediately following Dean Al-Falqi's inaugural speech. In his session, Al-Shahrani spoke to the benefits and challenges of professional engineering. He drew upon his personal career experience when detailing the obstacles and challenges he faced on his road to success. He highlighted the vital role the would-be Engineers will play in the rapidly growing field of urban development in the Kingdom. Al-Sharani noted that all engineering specialties have a vital role to play during a very active Q&A session that ensued.

After the Q&A, Dean Al-Falqi began an open discussion session with the attendees. He discussed common topics on professional development, the role of conferences and symposiums in the lives of engineers, and the workshops held by the university that serve the field of Engineering. All three, he explained, will be continually offered to alumni of the college.

Vice Rector of Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Saad Al-Amry, opened the accompanying project exhibition, which included 36 project posters in different fields of engineering that discussed health issues, the establishment of a water desalination station, the establishment of a sports stadium, and large-scale civil infrastructure projects. In his tour, Vice Rector Al-Amry praised the exhibition's diversity, creativity, and the overall significance of student projects. He observed the successful training of students by the Alumni Training Unit. The unit delivered a professional interview preparation workshop that trained students on the methods of a successful interview. It also provided consultative advice on the professions and fields that apply to engineering specialties. He noted that the College of Engineering is one of the most important colleges in the university that receives broad support, thanking all those who contributed to the success of this exhibition.

Source: King Khalid University - Media Center

  Important Announcement for College of Engineering Students: Summer Semester 1441-1442 You will find the summer semester schedule at the College of Engineering for All departments: Through the following links Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Chemical Engineering Industrial Engineering    
  The College of Engineering and the Education for Employment Community (EFE) are looking for a way to collaborate for the training and development for the students. The Faculty of Engineering represented by the Dean of Engineering, the faculty Vice-Dean and the head of the Specific Initiatives and Quality programs initiated a meeting with The Education for Employment Community (EFE) represented by its director Abdullah Al-Ghamdi to boost the training and development program for the college of engineering students to provide them with an opportunity of direct employment. The dean of the College of Engineering explained that this initiative will nurture the skills of the students of the Faculty of Engineering and fit them towards the goals of the Kingdom's 2030 vision, especially from the labor market perspective.    
  In cooperation with Shell, the College of Engineering provided a training course for college students titled: The international Program Nxplorer Under the auspices of His Excellency the Dean of the College of Engineering Dr.  Mohammed Khaloofah Al Mesfer, the Training Unit of the College of Engineering, in cooperation with Shell, presented the international program Nxplorer to 57 students, from all departments, for three days 16-18/6/1441.  The aim of the training program is to provide the trainees with the ability to use creative thinking mechanisms in creating effective solutions that can be applied to local problems related to the environment, food or energy. The program focuses on defining the link between food, water and energy, and building awareness, developing knowledge, and providing tools for thinking and complex problem-solving skills for future leaders.  The NXPLORERS program relies on the use of a unique blend of three approaches: Systematic thinking: It is a framework for seeing the larger picture rather than seeing isolated parts. Scenario planning: ask 'what-if' questions to explore alternative perspectives on the future and find reasonable stories about it. Change theory: a methodology of thinking imagining how and why a particular change is expected.  Merging these methods into one program creates a new way to look at the complexities and challenges that exist in society, and it shows young people how to deal with the complex challenges facing society, now and in the future.    
  The seminar will be presented by Faculty members: Industrial Engineering Department Dear All, As per the part of the initiative in the faculty members Teaching-Learning Process, the Industrial Engineering Department is pleased to invite all the Faculty of Engineering to attend the Seminar on Tuesday 18/02/2020. Seminar Title: Decision Making College of Engineering, Building A/1/145 Time: 12 - 1 PM Faculty members' involvement is highly encouraged and students are more than welcome. Presented By: Dr. Mohammad Qureshi    
  In cooperation with Shell, the College of Engineering offers two training courses for college students - First entitled: The International Program Nxplorer, from 06/16/1441 AH to 6/18/1441 AH from 4:30 to 9:00 PM. - The second is entitled: Entrepreneurial Projects Management, from 01/07/1441 AH to 07/03/1441 AH from 4:30 to 9:00 PM.   The training program aims to give the trainees the ability to use creative thinking mechanisms in creating effective solutions that can be applied to local problems related to the environment, food or energy. It focuses on defining the link between food, water and energy, building awareness, developing knowledge, and providing thinking tools and complex problem-solving skills for future leaders.