KKU جامعة الملك خالد College of Engineering

KKU Goes Solar: Rector Inaugurates First University Solar Power Station

On the 4th of Rabī’ Al-Ākhir, King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Falleh R.M. Al-Solamy, inaugurated the university's first operational solar power station. The power station was designed and constructed by students in the Faculty of Engineering. Supervising the efforts was Dr. Abdulaziz bin Salah Al-Saidi. Supporting the efforts were the Permanent Renewable Energy Committee, the University Engineering Consulting Office, and the Technical Company. At the beginning of the event, His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy was introduced to the detailed schematics and drawings of the power station and was presented with a detailed explanation of the project's mechanism and capabilities. Dr. Abdulaziz bin Salah Al-Saidi then explained that the power station is a significant step towards having the university generate its own sustainable electric power. He further noted that sustainable energy is a primary goal of Vision 2030 that is of great scientific, economic, and social importance. Rector Al-Solamy praised the efforts of the students, the supervisor, and the entire Department of Electrical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering. Rector Al-Solamy also noted that this power station is a pilot project and learning tool towards future power generating facilities within the university system, most notably at the new Al-Fara University City Campus. Rector Al-Solamy: 'This power station is a pilot project and learning tool towards future power generating facilities within the university system'. Rashid Ayman, Electrical Engineering student and member of the project, thanked Rector Al-Solamy, and Faculty of Engineering Dean, Dr. Ibrahim Falqi, for their dedicated contributions and support throughout the project from conception to achieving operational status. The students also thanked each and every individual and organization outside of the university who provided support and encouragement that helped the project come to fruition. Currently, the pilot power station generates 11 megawatts of electricity per year using only solar energy. This is enough to power the laboratories and workshops in the Faculty of Engineering. This achievement is a small but significant milestone for the College of Engineering and King Khalid University.

Engineer's Day Showcases 36 Projects

The College of Engineering's Alumni Training Unit celebrated the Engineer's Day on the 26th of Rabīʿ Al-Awwal. The program was designed to encourage and support current engineering students and alumni to pursue technical design and development careers. College of Engineering Dean, Dr. Ibrahim Idris Al-Falqi, opened the ceremony in the presence of the director of the Creative Talent and Entrepreneurship Center, a large number of faculty members, staff, students, and other entities in the university. Saudi Electric Company's Southern Sector Facilities Management Director, Eng. Sayyaf bin Saeed Al-Shahrani, lead a discussion session immediately following Dean Al-Falqi's inaugural speech. In his session, Al-Shahrani spoke to the benefits and challenges of professional engineering. He drew upon his personal career experience when detailing the obstacles and challenges he faced on his road to success. He highlighted the vital role the would-be Engineers will play in the rapidly growing field of urban development in the Kingdom. Al-Sharani noted that all engineering specialties have a vital role to play during a very active Q&A session that ensued. After the Q&A, Dean Al-Falqi began an open discussion session with the attendees. He discussed common topics on professional development, the role of conferences and symposiums in the lives of engineers, and the workshops held by the university that serve the field of Engineering. All three, he explained, will be continually offered to alumni of the college. Vice Rector of Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Saad Al-Amry, opened the accompanying project exhibition, which included 36 project posters in different fields of engineering that discussed health issues, the establishment of a water desalination station, the establishment of a sports stadium, and large-scale civil infrastructure projects. In his tour, Vice Rector Al-Amry praised the exhibition's diversity, creativity, and the overall significance of student projects. He observed the successful training of students by the Alumni Training Unit. The unit delivered a professional interview preparation workshop that trained students on the methods of a successful interview. It also provided consultative advice on the professions and fields that apply to engineering specialties. He noted that the College of Engineering is one of the most important colleges in the university that receives broad support, thanking all those who contributed to the success of this exhibition. Source: King Khalid University - Media Center